Enterprise Shared SSD Hosting

Unlike most Hosting companies, they cram all hosting accounts, on to One (1) Hard Drive, At GTI Networks, dba, Inc, We don't do this, It's common practise to have other hard drives, to allow clients sites to be much faster, This comes with 7 Day Refund, Please check our Terms of Services:

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GTIN Custom Web Development

Please see our Terms of Services, all downloadable products are non-refundable

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Software Products

All Software, is considered downloadable products, and they are in no way refunded. Please consider that if any software is broken, then we'll consider a refund.

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Partner Program

If, Partnership Program is Denied funds will be refunded via PayPal. Once Partnership is Approved you will also be sent a "Welcome To Verified Partnership" you will get the Application fee added to your Client Center account.

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